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Alt-Eisen from Super Robot Wars // Cosplayer : @UbersCosplay

I had been a fan of this particular mecha ever since I first played Super Robot Wars OG1 & 2 for the Game Boy Advance back in 2006. I loved the concept of a heavily armored, unwieldy, and outdated mecha that found a place on a battlefield filled with far more powerful machines due to the skill and tenacity of its pilot. It quickly became my favorite mecha design. Even back then with no experience in cosplay and no resources or space to even think about building something like this I wanted to make a costume of the Alt-Eisen. I would grab scraps of cardboard or Styrofoam at my job that I would visualize as parts of this mech with the intention of trying to build it. However 2 moves across the country as well as well as pressures from work and a rough relationship I was going through kept me from ever starting the project. It wasn’t till years later in 2014 that my life had stabilized enough to start the project in earnest.

When I began to make my first mecha costumes back in 2011 there weren’t nearly as many resources available for learning how to build something like this. I would look at photos of other mecha cosplayers and try to reverse engineer how they had put their costumes together. Eventually, I settled on a method. I would start with a 3D pepakura model pulled from a papercraft model or 3D model from a video game. I would use approximate measurements taken from superimposing an image of the mecha over my body. From there I make mock-ups of various parts in card-stock until I get the measurements exactly where I want them. I then take those patterns and copy them over to 1 & 3mm PVC sheets. The parts are folded together in PVC in a manner similar to origami, bonded and smoothed with strong CA glue. Some parts are reinforced with fiberglass like the torso and shins. The parts are supported by a waist rigging system where everything attaches with a combination of clasps and Velcro. Details like gears and bolts are added with hand cut 1mm painted PVC sections giving extra detail that helps to add depth. Height is added by making custom stilts and an illusion of super wide shoulders is achieved by using false biceps and a blackout zentai suit to hide my body underneath.

My mecha costumes always make a huge impression wherever I go! I typically get mobbed for photos and selfies. On several occasions I’ve had other mecha fans run up and fall to their knees bowing in awe. Plenty of other cosplayers also want a shot of them fighting a giant robot! Alt-Eisen vs a Dragoon from Final Fantasy and  Gundam Mk-II vs Darth Vader are just a few among many .

When I started cosplaying it was really just a creative outlet that I could share with my girlfriend. I would have never imagined that a few years later I would be traveling all over the world winning awards and being invited to shows as a cosplay guest and judge. I’ve gotten to meet alot of fellow costume makers and I’ve had to pick up alot of new skills and knowledge to tackle some of the challenges these costumes present. Everything from wiring custom fans and LEDs, to custom vinyl decals and specialized designs that can break down for long distance travel.

As much as I love these two costumes (Alt-Eisen and RX-78[G] Gundam) I need space and capital to build future projects. The Alt-Eisen is a showstopper and means alot to me personally as my favorite mecha but he also takes up a large portion of my storage space. The RX-79G is super detailed and designed to break down to a small size for travel overseas but It has since been largely replaced by my Gundam Unicorn costume as my go-to suit for travel. Ideally I would like the suits to go somewhere they could be put on display for other mecha and costume fans to enjoy.

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