Superboy // Cosplayer : Vanderwolf // Photo : Johnny0929

Conner is always fun to wear because you get a mix of people who have a genuine excitement for seeing the 90s variant/reboot, and then you have people who have never seen that version and think he’s like punk Superman, which is also super fine by me. I’ve met some really great people thanks to superboy, though.

Well. Superboy (Conner) has always been close to me because growing up Superman and Wonder Woman were big influences on my childhood thanks to my mom. It was actually a weird journey across quite a few different versions of him too, with the reboot being the most recent

Making the costume it was a combination of things. I had a really talented pattern maker do the pattern for the suit, and someone else who made me the patches and back Sigil. Everything else was mostly up to amazon and clever styling. Thankfully his costume doesn’t require too many fully custom made pieces.

I think I was like 16 or so when I first cosplayed. I kind of knew about it, but I was going to my first convention and refused to not dress up. So I bought an eBay costume that I barely knew anything about and loved the feeling. I took a long break from it in my early 20s but I’m really thankful I fell back into it.

Cosplay gave me a way to channel several different creative parts of myself into one source and also be able to balance the attention loving social side of myself in a healthy way. I’ve met some of my closest friends thanks to cosplay and it’s also professionally enhanced my life. 

Gosh. Dragon Con is so hard to describe in one sense. This past year was my first time successfully going. And it’s a lot of different things depending on what you want it to be. It is genuinely, for me at least. A giant nerd party weekend. But it’s also a place that people go to connect with people who share a like mind, and to display their art and creativity at a place I feel appreciates all genres. I think that’s what makes it unique, is that is doesn’t seem catered to only one specific thing. Everybody has a place. And it’s non stop.