Xilent Knight & Cherelledx (The IT Crowd)

They seem like very niche characters so we are never sure of the response they will receive. I always enjoy being stopped by artists and merchants in conventions for pictures. In our experience, Moss and Roy seem to be most recognized by them. However, we are both often surprised by the younger crowd who know who they are. In our IT Crowd debut in Santa Fe Comic Con we were stopped by a student whose science teacher had told him about the show and snapped a shot to show them.

These two were actually quite simple to put together, with some thrift store luck of course. @cherelledx (IG) managed to find the entire Moss outfit, wig included, in a thrift store! The wig needed very little help and parted easily. The glasses are her own making that a happy accident haha. For Roy, we found a green overshirt in army surplus and used iron-on transfer paper to make the shirt. The beard is my own 🤣!

At the risk of turning this into a romcom, cosplay brings us closer building these cosplays and traveling around with them. Cosplay offered us the perfect opportunities to visit cities and has allowed us to meet people far beyond our reach of the everyday grind.


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