Your Favorite Senpaii (Sailor Moon)

Cosplay definitely taught me to have a thick skin, be myself and not take things personally, especially online. As a black woman, I get negative comments that revolve around my skin color, because I’m not “exactly” like the character. But I have had to learn not to let it bother me (and even laugh some of the “jokes” off) because I’m truly doing what I like doing and more people out there have more good than bad things to say about my cosplays. It’s showed me how to be confident in myself and just have fun! I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people of color, girls especially, who want to cosplay but did not because they didn’t look like the character they wanted to cosplay. I think cosplay can really build your confidence and the cosplay community, overall, is a warm and welcoming community.

So for anyone who has doubts – JUST GO DO IT! Create that original cosplay, make your favorite characters costume, buy that cosplay you’ve been eyeing online! Wear it, take pictures and be you, be confident!

I’ve loved Sailor Moon since I was a young child. It was my first anime television series and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I remember putting on my pink nightgown and standing in front of my fan and sing the opening song lol. I always had an interest in cosplay, but I wanted my first cosplay to be my first anime – Sailor Moon! I bought my cosplay online. I wish I had the patience and skill of creating beautiful costumes.

—- Your Favorite Senpaii

Photo : Dave Yang

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