My journey with cosplay has changed as my interests and life focus changed. I originally started in 2004 with comic book conventions and building armor, but I found friends and group cosplay through anime events. I was a member of a large group of as many as a dozen cosplayers, and we would do group cosplays together in matching themes. These generally would be sewn costumes, and I learned the skill set for those.

Over time, I discovered that I preferred to do costumes with heavy construction and that held my passion instead of themes I didn’t necessarily know as well. Despite the fun of a big group, I tended to gravitate more to large puppets or monsters, making several and honing my building ability.

Over the past decade, my interests shifted back from anime towards video games and has come full circle back to comics once more. Now, I use my comic costumes to attend both conventions and charity events or hospitals in character. I still enter competitions, but doing these other events in costume has been equally satisfying in other ways. I expect to continue to build for another ten years at least!