Doc Ock from Spiderman // Cosplayer : zwiazwia // Photo : jvalenz20

Oh man, just getting to the con was WAYYY harder than I thought it would be.  I drove the arms into the city and parked at a parking lot near the convention center.  At the parking lot I had some friends help my get the costume on, only to try to stand up and realize the arms were too tall for the parking garage we were in.  And we parked about four levels down, and my arms wouldn’t fit in the stairwell.  I basically spent the first 40 minutes of the day duck-walking in this parking lot.  My knees were dead before I even got to the convention.

I had friends that really wanted to do a Sinister Six group.  A couple of years ago I built a Scorpion cosplay that I was pretty proud of and when I heard a Sinister Six idea I immediately thought it’d be fun to see if I could upgrade my design for Scorpion’s Tail to make really crazy Doc Ock Arms.  The whole cosplay was basically seeing how crazy I could push my creativity.

The key to the costume is the large arms.  The arms were built by building a harness out of PVC Piping that was strapped to my body using Parachute Belts.  Then I attached four 10 Ft Long PVC pipes into the harness that I melted/molded to create the shapes for the arms.  Once the arms were molded I put some tubing I found and painted over the skeleton.  The claws at the end of the arms were painted plastic bowls that I could screw to the end of the pipes.  The suit itself is spandex sewn to be able to zip around the harness on my back.  The arms I estimate to be maybe 30 lbs, and I wore them about 10 hours throughout the day.

NYCC is one of my top conventions of the year.  Period.  It’s filled with so many passionate people, from the cosplayers, to the artists, to the dealers.  If you love something dorky or even a bit obscure, there is definitely SOMEONE there you can share your love with.  And that’s probably the best part of the con, running into likeminded people and seeing just how giddy they can get bonding over their love of something ridiculous.  Also, NYCC’s Artist Alley is incredible.

Gosh, my first convention was AnimeNext in maybe 2005?  That was probably when I first saw how big cosplaying was.  I had a local friend who I’d run into at cons, who cosplayed, and she eventually helped me get into it.  She and some of my other friends would help me, making some of my first cosplays for me, before I eventually started to learn to sew and make my costumes myself.